Friday, October 7, 2011

i love my holiday

i really enjoy my current holiday
i really hope my period of holiday can get longer and longer
i like everything in JB
it include: family, friends, shopping, hang out, yamcha, trip, gathering and so on.

next week is my Thailand trip
with 5 of my best friends
hope the flood of bangkok can get solved especially when we be there.

Next trip is gonna to plan
yup, it is Pulau Redang
is on Next mid year
organizer not me, but i m the president for the meeting

what i hope is..
all of us can join the redang trip.
coz we r the best friends from secondary school
and our friendships is keep until today even for future.
so all of you, please participate yourself in the coming redang trip

since the 2nd trip is confirmed.
that's why
my money saving plan must start now..
save save save...

i keep emphasize that i gonna to start my saving plan
but in the end, i just spent $168 for 2pm concert
yup, is Sing dollar ==

ok... saving plan postpone to next trimester.
no club, no shopping, no sing k, in Melaka.

i love my family
i love my friends
i love my trip
i love my yamcha session
i love hang out with my friend
i love everything in JB
i love my holiday

take care everyone =)
said YES to JB, said NO to Melaka =)

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